Become a volunteer

Our charity currently works only by volunteers, people who altruistically spend our time to care for the animals in our shelter and fosterhomes. They are many and very different tasks carried out both in our shelter and outside it.

At the shelter

The tasks in the shelter are based on the care of dogs and installations:

 - Feed the dogs.
 - Clean the cages, halls, parks, gardens and offices.
 - Bathe our dogs regularly.
 - Play with them.
 - Give medication daily to dogs in need.
 - Take a walk with the dogs daily.
 - Condition the installations.
 - Take pictures and videos to our dogs for later publication on the web.
 - Inform people who visit the shelter.





Outside the shelter

There are many tasks to do also outside the shelter:

 - Preparation and distribution of posters and collection boxes .
 - Sale of lottery, shirts, performing fundraising markets.
 - Attracting new members and volunteers.
 - Secretary: Preparation, sorting and updating the cards of the dogs.
 - Making follow ups of adopted animals .
 - Help on maintaining the website.
 - Take our dogs to the vet.
 - Foster temporary some of our animals: For various reasons, sometimes some animals have to be temporarily in a fosterhome , before being adopted or until its return to the shelter. Currently our shelter is not ready to foster cats, that's why we always need foster homes for kittens .

 Consider volunteering, although sometimes it may be temporary, is a commitment and a responsibility, if you are willing to accept it and are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please contact our organization, we will attend you and will properly inform you.