The shelter can foster up to 35 dogs. This is a really insufficient capacity if you consider the population in our town and the serious problem of animal abandonment we have here. The shelter is not ready to foster puppies. The old shelter has gone through some changes that may help a little. But vedama is conscious of the limitations and problems that the place has.

 Water pressure:

 The shelter has a water tank that  the council fills whenever it gets empty. The pressure comes from the engine shed which is in front of the shelter. In summer, when  farmers are watering the fields, water pressure  is good, but during the winter the pressure is horrible. Therefore, cleaning parks is unworkable. And you can imagine how important the water is to avoid spreading infections.


 The shelter is in an area where there is no electricity. We have a gas engine which volunteers lent us. But this only gives us power to illuminate the shelter and not be in the dark when the day is shorter. We can not have washing machine to wash all towels and beds for dogs, or heat water if we want to bathe our dogs in winter.



Our shelter

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