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In order for this project to work, the contributions from our Teamers are essential. Besides, some small donations from individuals, street markets, and events organized by our volunteers help us to raise funds.

We take care of many animals that need to be fed every day. Veterinary expenses are huge, many need specific food and special medical treatments, as well as other products such as bleach, disinfectants, and many other things needed for daily use.

That's why we need your collaboration. Any amount, even a small one, makes a difference. From one euro a month, for us and for them, you can change our world!

Contribute with just € 1 per month by joining our Teaming group

Collaborate with the Gats d'Oliva Refuge for only € 1 a month by joining their Teaming group


We need many volunteers to help us in the shelter. There is a lot of work to be done every day: we take care of a large number of dogs, who need to be fed, walked, cleaned and they deserve a lot of love every day, from Monday to Sunday.


Sometimes some puppies need to be temporarily in a volunteer's home until they are adopted or until it is possible for them to return to the shelter. In these cases, foster homes play a very important role for us.

You can also buy and bring us some things that we use every day to the shelter.


Hand dishwasher
Frankfurt sausages
Cheesy Triangles
Dog fodder
Cat fodder
Cans of dog food
Cans of cat food
Blankets, sheets, towels, etc.

Or send us directly through Amazon the products we selected.

You can make a donation to us via PayPal.

You can send us a bank transfer.

ES57 3159 0044 5623 0610 1912

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